About Us

Rachel’s Custom Sewing is a local Toowoomba small business operating out of Rachel’s home studio & a new studio in Kearneys Spring’s Uni Plaza. Through the loyalty of customers, word of mouth and great google reviews it has grown to a point where RCS is now a team of seamstresses employed by RCS at two locations. With a wide range of expertise and experience you can be sure that your garments are in competent hands.

What Makes Us Different?

Our niche is creative solutions. Not every garment or body is the same, so nor are our alterations. We believe that the person is never the problem, the garment is.  With children and relatives of our own with disabilities, and a belief that love and acceptance should be shown to all, we strive to be inclusive of all needs, ages, genders, and sizes.

With a particular eye for detail, and a high level of workmanship you can be sure your garments will be skillfully tailored to your body and personal preferences. With a relaxed, friendly environment, we aim to make the customer feel heard, regarded and listened to. And hope that our short interaction will brighten their day.

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Meet Our Team
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Rachel O'Neill

Owner & Seamstress

'Boss Lady' Rachel dabbles in all things that combine arts with math. Sewing, crochet, piano, guitar, cake decorating. She has 4 kids and we think it won't be long until her youngest daughter will be a better seamstress than her 🤣 We honestly could not have a better boss, she takes care of all of us so well. RCS would be nothing without Rachel in many obvious ways but she truly exceeds all expectations and then some.

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Corset & Beading Seamstress Queen

Jen works from home for us doing things such as corsets, beading, and way too many others to name. A cat lady at heart, she has three beautiful fur babies. Craft is her passion, so many hobbies keep her busy outside of work; quilting, doing her own brilliant nails, etc. If you see her in studio be sure to pick her wise and wonderful brain.

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Steph van Tricht

Virtual Assistant

Steph is a Virtual Administrator and for us does all of the emailing to customers, keeps inventory, etc. Her hobbies include reading, games, random crafts (NOT sewing 😂) and impulse spending. If you receive an email for pickup or fitting it'll most likely be from Steph 😊 She has recently made her VA position a full time job. If you're in need of anything from admin to socials to phone calls to emails, hit her up, you can't go wrong! Website: beamva.com.au.

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Jasmine Broadbent

Seamstress & Fit Specialist

For the second time in her life she moved to Aus from the North of England and in mid August started her journey with RCS. Jasmine loves crystals, food, following her gut, and fulfilling her heart's desires. She spends her free time crafting and soaking up the Aussie sun ☀

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Chris J

Executive Assistant

Chris is our owners personal assistant and our HR department. Outside of working for RCS, he spends his time studying to be a financial planner, and looking after his toddler. From his previous working life, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to us about systems and business operations. If you run into him, feel free to say hi, especially if you want to talk about the latest cricket scores.

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Nanny & Best Employee Ever

While Aleigha isn't employed by RCS she does work for Rachel and is just as much part of the team as anyone! When they're home she takes care of Rachel's four kids, plus cleaning and organising the house. She constantly goes the extra mile to ensure she's the 'best employee evvveeeer' (as appointed by herself). And in return gives her boss the #bestbossever title daily. Aleigha's hobbies are horse riding, plant care, and sassing everyone she talks to 😂

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Chloe Young

Studio Operations Assistant (SOA) & Seamster

They are non-binary, nuerospicy, and the first to be employed with RCS as SOA (Studio Operations Assistant). Their job is anything and everything but keeping the studios in order and greeting all the lovely customers we have day to day keeps them busy. Chloe has two cats, many house plants, a tank full of snails 🐌 and many hobbies including crochet and gardening. Mon - Thurs you'll see their lovely face in studio, come say hi!

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Margaret Spiteri

Seamstress, Admin & Studio Operations Assistant (SOA)

Margaret is our second ever SOA and is a mother to two fur babies, Daisy and Heidi, plus many plant babies. When she isn't studying biomedical science Margaret is into martial arts and woodworking. She's a massive nerd and fits right in with the rest of us.

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Felicia Dexter

Home Seamstress

Felicia works from home in between studying and raising her two kidlets. She is a 50's fashion icon and loves many craft hobbies (other than sewing, of course) including crochet and baking with her kids. She says 'cool' has never been a word to describe her but she is one of the coolest people we know 😎

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Suit Queen Seamstress

Cathy has three cats and is our suit queen. She sews from home like most of our other seamstresses.