Congratulations on finding your dress or perfect garment, now let’s make it fit you like a glove.

For more information on the fitting and alterations process with wedding dresses, including what to bring to your fittings and how far in advance to book your first fitting have a read of this article.

When you book in for your fitting, please let us know the details in the booking form (including your name, phone number, email address), and the wedding date. We’d also love to know your gown name, designer, and shop purchased from. These extra details aren’t necessary for general alterations.


Booking our services is acceptance of the terms and conditions listed here. A copy of these terms and conditions will be emailed to you upon booking.


Rachel’s Custom Sewing will invoice the Client at the first fitting. The Client agrees to pay invoice(s) by the due date(s) specified. Unpaid or overdue invoices may result in suspension or termination of the Project. Alterations must be paid in full, unless greater than $100 in value, in which case a 50% deposit is required before the commencement of the work. If the scope of work changes and the Client needs more work done including but not limited to weight fluctuation, pregnancy, surgery, change of shoes or undergarments, or additional alterations etc – then a new quote will be produced for the extra work.

Payment Methods

Payment will be made to Rachel’s Custom Sewing via cash, bank deposit or credit card

Consumer Guarantees

(a) Nothing in this Agreement is intended to exclude, restrict or modify the rights which either of the parties may have under the Australian Consumer Law. (b) A failure to comply with the Consumer Guarantee provisions under the Australian Consumer Law to the extent they apply to this Agreement, the Business’ liability is limited to (at its election):
(i) in the case of a supply of goods: (A) replacing the goods or supplying equivalent goods; (B) repairing the goods; (C) paying the cost of replacing the goods or acquiring equivalent goods; or (D) paying the cost of having the goods repaired; and
(ii) in the case of a supply of services: (A) resupplying the services or (B) paying the cost of having the services supplied again.


If the Client’s event is cancelled or rescheduled or for any reason the Client decides to stop alterations to the garment, The Client will still be required to pay for the work that has already been completed.

Termination of Contract

The Contract ends when the garment is picked up unless one of the parties ends the contract before that time. If one of the parties chooses to end the Contract prior to Project completion, the Client is responsible for paying for all work and costs incurred up until that date.

If the Client chooses to cancel their alterations prior to working having been started, they will be liable to pay a fitting fee, which will be deducted from their deposit or payment, or invoiced as required. This fitting fee is $55 for Wedding Dress Alterations, and $30 for all other alterations such as Day Wear alterations, Formal alterations, Bridesmaid dresses etc.


No refunds will be provided for the work completed or services performed under this contract other than in accordance with consumer guarantees under Australian Consumer Law and as otherwise permitted by law.

Alterations are completed to the best of our abilities. Quite often garments have weaknesses, and in the case of proper care not being taken to ensure the wellbeing of the garment, we are not liable for any breakage or damage to the garment. This includes but is not limited to Wedding Gown bustles being broken due to the dress being stood on, not cared for, or being incorrectly lifted prior to sitting.

If you would like any care tips regarding the alterations on your garments, please discuss these with Rachel directly.

No garment will leave the studio once alterations have started.


In the case of legitimate faults, please contact Rachel’s Custom Sewing directly, at which stage we will begin our Faults procedure, of which the first step is an inspection of the fault. As per Australian Consumer Law, Rachel’s Custom Sewing will always attempt to repair any faults. This offer for repair must be accepted by the Client as outlined by Australian Consumer Law. A refund will only be considered if the item is unable to be repaired following our inspection and is at our discretion.

Initial & Subsequent Fittings

The initial fitting is one of the most important stages of alterations. It is vital that the Client attends this fitting with a clear idea of their needs, and all relevant items. This is especially relevant for Wedding and Formal alterations. It is absolutely vital that the shoes that will be worn with the garment be brought to all fittings, especially for hemming purposes. The Client agrees that alterations will be based on the shoes worn to fittings, and that any change of mind on shoes and any fluctuations in body size (including pregnancy, surgery etc) that will affect the fit of the garment may incur extra charges for additional alterations.

Garment Conditions

No garment will leave the studio once alterations have started.

All garments should be tried on at the final fitting. By leaving the studio with the garment, the Client agrees that the work was done completely and to the Client’s satisfaction. It is the responsibility of the Client to take a good look over all aspects of their garment before leaving the studio.

The Client acknowledges that the alterations are based on the first fitting. If these measurements are no longer applicable by the time the dress should be finished, this is not the fault of Rachel’s Custom Sewing and cannot be held liable.

Any alterations needed after the garment has left the studio will be treated as new alterations and charged as such.

Rachel’s Custom Sewing is not responsible for the garment in any way after it has left the studio. This includes any damage, rips, tears or spots that may occur after the garment has been collected. Any dry cleaning required after the garment has left the studio is the responsibility of the Client.

If the garment is not picked up within 30 days of the final appointment, Rachel’s Custom Sewing reserves the right to retain ownership of the garment, unless the Client requests a rescheduled appointment or there are circumstances that do not allow the Client to pick up the garment. Rachel’s Custom Sewing will use all measures available to them to contact the Client.

The Client promises to review the final product, to be reasonably available to the Business if the Business has questions regarding this project, and to provide timely feedback and decisions.

Dress Cleaning

Due to the complex fibrous nature of fabrics, Rachel’s Custom Sewing cannot guarantee that spots or stains will be removed by the cleaning process. Further stain lifting may be achieved by deep spot cleaning or the additional use of more complex chemicals. This additional pass of cleaning will incur additional charges and will only be done upon approval of the bride after she sees the result of the general cleaning.

Dress Preservation

I will not hold Rachel O’Neill or Rachel’s Custom Sewing responsible for any damages due to cleaning, transporting, handling, storing or shipping the gown or accessories. I understand that millinery work and pleats may lose their shape, body, and form, (this includes flowers and leaf veining.) I also understand that any adhesives used in the manufacturing process may dissolve or discolor. All of this is unpredictable. Cleaning does not include steaming or pressing of the gown. Those are separate tasks in the preparation of the gown. Cleaning/boxing fees are due within a week of the date of the signing of this contract.

In Case of Emergency

Rachel’s Custom Sewing will complete the alterations in a timely and professional manner, in the event of an emergency, and the alterations cannot be completed by the original seamstress, the Client agrees that Rachel’s Custom Sewing may have another seamstress complete the alterations at no further cost to the client.

In the event of an unforeseeable incident, the Client agrees not to hold Rachel’s Custom Sewing responsible for any loss or damages, including but not limited to fire, flood, vehicle accident or break in.

In these uncertain times, Rachel’s Custom Sewing will always do our best to accommodate our customers. However, we are not responsible for events being cancelled or rescheduled. If the Client’s event is cancelled or rescheduled or for any reason the Client decides to stop alterations to their garment, the Client will still be required to pay for the work that has been completed. 

Authority to Sign

Each party has the authority to enter into this Contract and to perform all of its obligations under this Contract.

Authorisation to Proceed

Thank you for entrusting your alteration with Rachel’s Custom Sewing.
I (the client) have read the above terms and conditions and authorise Rachel’s Custom Sewing to proceed with the alteration.