Drop Off Box

two white cardboard box on wooden shelf

We all live busy lives, and with flexible working hours and lots of commitments it is often difficult to sync everything up with other people and businesses. As this is a home-based business we do all fittings, drop offs and pick ups by appointment only. This allows flexibility for school pick ups, dance drop offs, sport, family time as well as plenty of appointment space for clients. Evening appointments are available with Rachel’s Custom Sewing to alleviate the frustration of finding a service that is open when you need them, after your work hours. From night shifts, to out of town brides and freight drivers, to office workers and teachers, to school students – everyone’s schedules vary so we offer the option of non-standard hours for appointments.

We are now happy to announce that we will be adding an extension to this flexible service in the way of a “Drop Off Box”. If you have alterations or mending that don’t require a face-to-face fitting – e.g. hems that you’ve pre-marked, ripped jeans, buttons to be replaced etc – you can simply place them in a bag, fill out a quick little form in the box, pop it in the bag too and we will let you know when it is ready to be picked up. Then you can pay online, let us know which day you’d like to pick up and again simply pick up your altered or mended clothes from the drop off box, at any time that suits you (even 6am if you’re so inclined).

With this option it not only opens up your schedule to simply pop in any time that works out, it opens up our appointments for the face to face fittings that are needed so that we can serve even more people in the community with all of your alteration and mending needs.

If you’ve been directed here for pick up – below is a photo of what the box looks like. It is located next to the stairs, around to the right.
Your alterations will be inside the box with your tag on it.

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