The Alterations We Specialise In

Seamstresses have a bag of alteration tricks that can make your wedding dresses, suits and tuxedos, evening gowns and formal dresses, and school uniforms fit both most attractively and most comfortably. The common clothing alterations listed in this post may be just what you need to feel confident, look keepsake photo worthy, and move freely in your clothing. All at the same time!

Wedding Dress Alterations

We do everything you need to have the perfect wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses: hem, bustle, straps, sides, buttons, cups, custom made sleeves & veils, complete bodice reconstruction, dress redesign, and more...

Hem Alterations

Have the hem of your trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses, jackets, and tops shortened, and even returned to their original length.

Fit Alterations

Your garment may not fit like it used to. It's also all too common for a garment to fits us in some places and not fit as well in others. We can work magic here and there and make the garment fit like it was made for you.

Suit Alterations

We can taper suits where needed, adjust lengths and seams, resize trouser waists, adjust crotch length and fit, change cuff style, and give the suit a slim fit.

white floral lace textile on brown wooden table

Beading & Applique

Many wedding dress alterations include removing and reapplying beading & applique to deliver a clean, perfect result. This all needs to be done by hand and as such makes the cost higher, however the polished finish makes it all worth it.

Formal Dress Alterations

We can add gussets to the bodice, take in the sides or back, replace, remove, or move the straps, add or close vents, restyle the dress, and more to give you the perfect look and comfort.

School Uniform Alterations

During the busy bridal season we are not doing school uniform alterations. Please Contact Christine from Toowoomba Repairs. Her details are found by clicking this heading.

Bridal Party

Feeling confident and comfortable means looking perfect in your dress or suit. You'll look stunning in your photos for now and evermore. We can also help with bridesmaids and groomsmen, so your whole party is looking fantastic. For further information on wedding dress alterations read our blog post.

Whether it’s just you, or your entire bridal party, click the button below to schedule a booking for fittings and quotes.

Mending & Embellishments

During the busy bridal season we are not doing mending. Please Contact Christine from Toowoomba Repairs. Her details are found by clicking this heading.

Who Are We?

Rachel’s Custom Sewing is a local Toowoomba small business operating out of Rachel’s home. Through the loyalty of customers, word of mouth and great google reviews it has grown to a point where RCS is now a team of seamstresses employed by RCS. With a wide range of expertise and experience you can be sure that your garments are in competent hands.

What Makes Us Different?

Our niche is creative solutions. Not every garment or body is the same, so nor are our alterations.
We specialise in Bridal & Formal alterations as well as the range of various alterations. (See Services page for a full list.)

We believe that the person is never the problem, the garment is. 
With children and relatives of our own with disabilities, and a belief that love and acceptance should be shown to all, we strive to be inclusive of all needs, ages, genders, and sizes.

With a particular eye for detail, and a high level of workmanship you can be sure your garments will be skillfully tailored to your body and personal preferences. With a relaxed, friendly environment, we aim to make the customer feel heard, regarded and listened to. And hope that our short interaction will brighten their day.

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Formal Dress Alterations:

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Wedding Dress Alterations

Bridal Alterations

Size Alteration
Custom Veils
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