Wedding & formal dress
cleaning & preservation

Your wedding gown or formal dress deserves to have a professional clean, steam, repair and preservation boxing. Whether you want to re-sell your gown, store if for your daughter, or simply have the peace of mind that it will be clean and safe while you decide what you will do with it in the future, getting it cleaned is a good idea. We service all of Australia through postal delivery or, if you’re local to Toowoomba, make an appointment to drop in.


Curious about our process? Explore our Frequently Asked Questions section for comprehensive answers about our hand-cleaning process. From turnaround times to costs and post-cleaning care, we've covered everything to ensure you have all the information you need.

For optimal results, it is best to bring your dress in as soon as possible after the wedding. Consider asking your bridesmaid or mum to drop it off to ensure a swift and effective cleaning process.

Many brides tend to postpone the cleaning of their wedding dresses, and this makes stains tougher to get out.

From an heirloom 40 year old dress, to a dress dragged through the mud a month ago, it is never too late. In fact, it’s quite commonly an anniversary gift.

We use a range of products depending on things such as the fabric type, and how stained it is. We love using natural products that we have found to give a really good result with ingredients such as eucalyptus oil and lanolin. 

We spot clean your dress if needed, gently hand wash, dry, mend if needed, steam and fold in a box with acid-free tissue paper between each layer.

This meticulous process ensures your clean gown will last for years to come.

Your dress is in safe hands even with multiple layers and beading. With our gentle hand cleaning process we can keep a close eye on embellishments, and mend if needed. 

Yes! You can drop in your dress or post us your dress, we will do the same meticulous preservation process and then post the dress in it’s dress box back to you.

The best way to store your dress is to leave it folded with the acid-free tissue paper we place between each fold, within the box we provide. Keep this in a cool, dry spot such as under a bed or inside a wardrobe.

We use a gentle hand-cleaning process which is different to dry cleaning. We don’t use harsh chemicals and use the most eco-friendly and sensitivity friendly processes.

As we are seamstresses we know all about fabric types, fiber strength, and gown constructions (including the insides of the garment eg boning).
We have been cleaning basic wedding gowns for over six years and now we have become certified bridal gown cleaners we have decided to upgrade our service offerings to include all formal and wedding gowns.

If you know there are rips, tears, beads loose or missing, let us know and we can repair. There is an additional mending charge depending on how much needs to be done.

If we find part way through the process that there is damage that needs to be sewn, we will contact you to find out if you would like to add on the additional service.

We need time to pre treat stains, soak and clean the dress, and then potentially redo this process again. This is then followed by drying, steaming and boxing. Depending on the Wedding dress fabric type and layers, how much hand-cleaning and extra soaking, drying time, embellishments, repairs – and depending on how busy the sewing season is (in the thick of September – Nov it will likely take longer), you can expect your dress to be ready for your collection in approximately two to six weeks.

We have found the most popular places to sell your wedding gown is still white and for your formal dress is marketplace. 

This is a large reason why we use gentle cleaning processes without strong chemicals. If any smells remain in the fabric we air it as it dries undercover in the fresh breeze. Whilst we can’t guarantee no smell, we do try to avoid any strong smells.

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